Website & Mobile Apps

  • Customers and vendors have access to a robust frontend dashboard that allows for easy management of product inventory such as sales, orders, discounts, coupons, and more.
  • You can customise the withdrawal limit, payment channel, minimum withdrawal limit, and other options.
  • You can activate or deactivate a vendor's selling rights. Which effectively makes you the server admin of a marketplace.

Payment Gateway Integration

  • Our payment portal systems are API driven and PCI-conforming, which allows admin to provide their buyers with a secure payment portal.
  • With our payment platform, you can increase processing speeds while also improving dependability and acceptance rates. Payment partners- Paytm for Business, Instamojo, Razorpay.
  • With our intelligent fraud solution, you can create fantastic client experiences while still minimising risk.

Powerful Analysis

  • You can get a detailed report on the store's sales as well as a comprehensive summary of their store's performance.
  • Analyze the growth of your store and gain insight. Check out which products are selling and which aren't.
  • Explore where your visitors are coming from and how they discovered your online store.


  • You can manage the notification or create more alerts to send via the app on the mobile device.
  • Push notification feature for promotional sales information directly to customers
  • Get notified as soon as the order is placed

Bulk Store management

  • This allows you to add unlimited sellers to give customers more choices under one roof.
  • You can now choose to sync orders from the seller store to admin store and vice versa.
  • As an admin, you have the option to enable the Multilocation feature for sellers, allowing them to manage product inventory based on location preferences.

Seller Verification

  • Any seller or vendor must fill in the relevant detail to market their products. We follow a particular verification process, like Email verification process

Training and Support

  • Get exclusive guidance on how to handle your store's admin panel and mobile app.
  • Even once your webstore is up and running, you may get training for new features and integration.
  • Have access to helpful instruction videos for using the mobile app and website. Contact us at any moment for help with your business issues.

More features

  • In addition to the search engines, the social media is the other important online channel for the target audience. Therefore, we offer you social media sharing options which is a key element for your successful business
  • You can showcase unlimited product list and product images and indicate different product categories.

How to manage Your Sale

Meridukaan will design, build, and launch a one-of-a-kind brand presence for your company, complete with a multi-vendor marketplace. Our expert team tailors a multi-seller and multi-seller application e-commerce that lets multiple vendors unite and sell their products on a single website. Our unrivalled Multi-vendor features are fully equipped to empower your business

Website & app development
Products addition

Marketplace Theme

Meridukaan provides a real-time visual experience of your multi-vendor marketplace. Start exploring the stunning themes, layouts created just for you!

Pricing Plan

Meridukaan multi-vendor marketplace is trusted by 1,00,000+ Orders worldwide. Meridukaan multi-vendor marketplace includes features that are built for your convenience and scalable business growth!

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