Why Meri Dukaan Franchise

Meri Dukaan Franchisee Model has been designed to meet all-India requirements and to offer customers a high level of service. The franchisees, delivery partners and representative offices ensure our presence. All franchisees are responsible for their personal growth and for the company's growth and protection and for preserving the corporate brand in their field of business.

Exclusive Selling Rights

  • Franchise shall be a continuing relationship between an individual business unit (the franchiser), and its parent company (the franchisee), in exchange for a royalty payment made to the parent company, granting the unit a licenced privilege to use its trade mark.. We design and decorate the franchisee's business and specify the furniture, fixtures, and equipment that will be used. We also approve the franchisee's chosen location, establish and enforce product and service quality standards, provide initial and ongoing training and support, provide manuals with specific requirements and recommendations, determine the POS and IT system the franchisee will use, require the franchisee to use only franchisor-created or approved marketing materials, and so on.

Recurring Income Generation

  • The franchisor can expand its business and, by franchising agreement, gain broader acceptance of its brand name or trademark. The franchisor can also enter foreign markets and improve his willingness and business. The franchisor receives the franchisor's regular earnings by royalty at no additional cost; as the franchisor pays for new premises and additional staff.

Comprehensive Training & Support

  • Another advantage of purchasing a Meri Dukaan franchise is the training and support that you will receive from the franchisor. This is incorporated into the ongoing royalty fees. We offer technical assistance, customer service, marketing materials, and training. This training and support is based on the franchise's proven systems and methods, eliminating the guesswork and additional costs for you.

How it Works

A franchise helps to simplify the start-up and operation of your company. You will have the freedom to own your own business from the ground up without having to establish it.

Franchise selection
Due diligence
Franchise onboarding
Sales and commissioning

Pricing Plan

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